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Powerful software designed to streamline your email marketing efforts. Send thousands of emails at the click of a button easily. Spam and abuse protection sends 10 thousand emails over a period of 24hrs, this protection can be disabled to send more emails even faster.

EmailFinder -

Unearth hidden leads effortlessly with EmailFinder - our powerful tool scours the web, extracting valid email addresses from websites. Enjoy seamless integration, lightning-fast results, and uncover up to 10,000 emails daily. Boost your outreach game with EmailFinder, your key to expanding connections and driving growth!

Key Features:

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To buy a license please contact:

license cost $5.00 - Does not expire

License removes limitations of EmailFinder. With a license you can find as many email addresses as you want

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EmailKiller User Guide


EmailKiller is a powerful tool for sending bulk emails efficiently. It allows you to send up to 10,000 or more emails per day.

Getting Started

To use EmailKiller, follow these steps:

  1. Load or Configure SMTP Settings: Open the EmailKiller app and configure your SMTP server settings. Consult your email service for SMTP details. If you are using local SMTP make sure you have local SMTP configured
  2. Load Email List: Click on "Load Email List" to load a list of recipients. This list should be in a plain text file, with one email address per line. Csv files are supported as well. EmailKiller will automatically exctract addresses from a csv file.
  3. Compose Email: In the "Compose Email" section, fill in the subject of your email and compose the email content using the HTML editor provided.
  4. Send Emails: Click on "Send Emails" to start sending. EmailKiller will send emails at a rate that prevents spam detection. You can stop the process at any time by clicking "Stop Sending". You can optionally disable the 24hr sending rate rule to send emails faster

Important Note: EmailKiller takes 24 hours to send all emails to prevent spam detection. This can be disabled by selecting 'disable 24hr rule' under options.

  1. Enter URLs: Enter URLs in the left side column by typing them, one URL per line. You can use Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V to copy and paste
  2. Found Emails: Found emails will appear on the right side column when complete. You can save these emails to as list to use or copy and paste by using Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V

Important Note: Without a valid license, results are limited to 10 email addresses. If you need to find more, please buy a license.

EmailKiller provides additional options:

Additional Features

EmailKiller also offers an Email Finder tool. This tool allows you to extract email addresses from web pages. Simply enter the URLs, and EmailKiller will find and display the emails for you. Great for marketing and lead generation

Need Help?

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact support at

Thank you for using EmailKiller!


I currently do not have a valid code signing certificate. You might get a notice when downloading that EmailKiller is not normallly downloaded. You must click 'keep anyway'. Most anti-virus will give an alert stating that EmailKiller does not have a valid certificate. EmailKiller contains no malware and will not harm your computer. With your support I may be able to acquire a valid certificate. - Thank you, Derek Johnston

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